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Have questions about real estate in the Puget Sound or investing in income properties?
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Jerry Berg and Robert Slattery in the KIRO studio.


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Previous Shows

July 29, 2017

On our final live broadcast show, Robert and Jerry discuss Real Estate 101: the basics of real estate and investment properties.  The discussion leads into preparing first time buyers for purchasing a home, considerations for move-up buyers, and purchase planning for dream home and retirement home/move-down buyers.  Blackwell Radio will be transitioning to a new Podcast format starting in August!  

July 22, 2017

Robert tells the story of Eric and Hannah and how they bought their first house.  Phil from Seattle is selling his house and is asking questions about an appraisal on the property.  Matt sends a tweet asking if he could use a VA loan to build a home.  George calls to correct some information about appraisals.  Steve from Gig Harbor has a ranch home with a detached garage turned housing unit and wonders if that affects the evaluation of the property.  Barbara from Auburn is looking to borrow money from her house equity and wonders if a HELOC is the best approach.  She also has a question about co-owning a multiplex property with her daughter.  Robert receives a text asking about flipping single family properties vs. multi-family properties.  Mike from Auburn asks how long he would have to rent out a house that he did a 1031 exchange on before he could move in himself, and how long he has to live in a house to get the appreciation for it.  Finally, Darrin from Mill Creek bought a house with a loan from his father and the deed is in his father’s name.  Darrin wants to get the title in his name so he can get a line of credit to pay his father back and wants to know how to go about this.

July 15, 2017

Jeff from Snohomish asks about the timeline for building a property in Spokane, as well as the realities of single home investing in today’s market.  Ron from Snoqualmie wants to evict a tenant for breaking smoking regulations, but wonders if he should wait until the lease is up.  Robert from Issaquah is wondering if you can retire early and use money from an IRA to help pay for rentals and not get taxed on the IRA.  Andrew who works in the studio with Robert and Jerry has some questions about renting for the first time.  Anne from Everett has questions about the market correction Seattle is expected to go through.  Julie sends an email and explains that she’s facing foreclosure and asks about refinancing options and also about the possibility of re-renting from the person who buys the property.  Derek from Monroe is looking to buy a new house and wonders if he should use his current one as a rental or sell it.  Odie from Mill Creek seeks information about what to expect when buying your first house.  José from Bellingham is a new real estate agent but questions whether or not he’ll be able to make a good career out of it with the current market. John from Fairwood has noticed that the value of his home has gone up dramatically from when he bought it and asks if he should stay in the house or cash in on the extra equity.  Dan from Port Orchard is buying his rental from the owners and the deal didn’t close at the expected date.  As a result, he was forced to extend a loan that was on lock and is being charged an extra fee for it and wonders if that is legal.  Finally, John from Olympia bought a fixer upper that needs to have the septic system fixed.  The seller wants to close before this issue is resolved but promises he will get it done and John asks if he should close before the septic system is repaired.

July 8, 2017

Lee from Tacoma is a first time home buyer and is not quite sure how to invest his equity, so he seeks advice.  Robert warns about discount brokers, and discusses first time buyers, property management, and his seminars.  Joe from Milton has a question about his financial expectations within a few years by owning rentals in the Pacific Northwest and the Phoenix area.  Kurt owns a rental house with a mortgage and is losing money every months and wonders if he should continue renting or sell the house.  Vic from Monroe asks for Robert’s help in turning a house into a rental.  Finally, Terry in Pierce County asks if it is cost effective to use her primary residence equity to help refinance an investment property.

July 1, 2017

Sam from Bellingham is looking to move to Canada and wonders if Robert knows anything about buying property in another country and if she should keep her Bellingham home or not.  Dee from Bellevue wants to know if she could sell her condo for three times the price it’s expected to sell for.  Mark from Snohomish County needs to move and can put up two more property on his land and wants to know if this is a good idea.  Sarah from Stanwood wonders if she should put a property on Make Me Move instead of listing it.  Fiona from Seattle wants to know what she should look for as a first time property buyer.  Michael from Wallingford inquires about the pros and cons of a big firm vs. a small firm for property management and wonders where Robert’s style fits in.  Justin from Tacoma wants to know Robert’s opinion on the bidding wars in the Seattle market and how that over-inflation affects property values later down the line.  Finally, Denise from Lake Forest Park owns three rental properties and has existing debt on one of them, and she and her husband have money in a 401k plan.  She wonders if she should use the money in the 401k to pay off the debt on her property or if she should reinvest it.

June 24, 2017

Santosh sends an email asking about real estate trends and wonders if it would be a better idea to sell property now or if he should wait.  James from Tacoma wants to start investing in real estate and seeks advice on how to start.  Melanie from Woodinville asks what Robert thinks about owning out-of-state properties.  Rachel from Renton has a rental in Tacoma that she wants to pay down the mortgage on but is concerned about neighborhood deterioration.  Betty from Enumclaw left a message about wanting to buy a vacation home and wonders what one should know and expect about buying a property other than your own home for the first time.  Marcus sent in an email explaining how he has four houses and would like to sell two to buy another rental property and wanted to know if this was a good idea.  Josh from Snoqualmie will be inheriting a house within two years in Spokane and wondered if he should rent it out or sell it.  He also inquired about what actually happens when you inherit a property.  Judy has a number of rentals and wants to do a 1031 on two of her properties.  Michael from Wallingford has a single-family home and wants to know what the prospects would be for selling it down the road and also how landlord laws in Seattle affect ADUs.  Brain from Sammamish needs to fix a fence, but his neighbor’s property manager is being uncooperative.  He asks if building a new fence entirely on his own land will have any legal ramifications.  Kevin from Lewis County has a duplex and a single-family property and is thinking about selling the single-family to pay off his own mortgage, but wonders if he should keep it to create income to help pay off the brand new duplex.  Finally, Robert finishes by talking about Blackwell Real Estates A La Carte property management services.

June 17, 2017

Sheroam from Bellevue currently owns a condo but wants to move to a home and wonders os he should keep the condo and rent it out or sell it.  Mary emailed in a question on behalf of her friend who inherited a house and needed to know about private residency laws. George from Edmonds in considering investing in a fourplex and seeks advice.  Beth from Gig Harbor wants to know other options to looks at renter’s estimates rather the one she uses all the time.  James from Tacoma recently found a home where he could turn the basement into a second apartment; however, the electricity and heat are all under the one house so he wants to know what his options are.  Sherry is a homeowner and inquiries if investing in real estate will help with her taxes.  Dick from Snohomish County is looking for property sales that will allow him to build a motorhome sized garage.  Tony from Federal Way wants to know what kind of software Robert recommends for collecting rent from tenants.  Dan has a duplex and had run out of depreciation and is considering exchanging the duplex for a fourplex.  Finally, Richard from Bothell is wondering if how much he is grossing on his duplex is considered “average.”

June 10, 2017

Robert discusses how he first got into the real estate business. Tony from Renton has recently retired and wants to start renting properties and asks advice on how to get started. Dennis in Edgewood owns several properties and wants to know if he should do a 1031 exchange on some of them. Rob in Redmond owns 1/3 ownership on a property that’s being sold and a neighbor has told him that she’s interested in the property and has put up a good offer, but she’s currently bogged down in overseas taxes. Rob wonders how he can persuade her to go through with buying his property. Brian in Sammamish has extra cash lying around and inquires about evaluating properties that are ready to be rented out vs. fixer uppers. Cheryl from Orting has a vacant property in Shelton and questions whether she should sell it or keep it and buy another property closer to her home. Alan recently purchased a house and found a neighbor’s shed right on the border of his property and wonders how he should handle the situation. Jack from Mukilteo wants to know the difference between selling property outright vs. a real estate contract and what the tax consequences would be with either route. Seth from North Bend has property in the area and is considering renting out tiny houses or turning it into a bed and breakfast. Finally, Carrie from Auburn purchased property with the intention of forming a neighborhood association but since most of the houses in the area were being rented out she saw no need to. Years later she’s being contacted by King County who want to sell houses that already have tenants in them and she doesn’t know what to do.

June 3, 2017

Keith from Gig Harbor has property in University Place and wants to now what he can do about refinancing and extra equity he has lying around. Brandon from Auburn earned an inheritance and wants to learn about flipping. Tamara wants to know how the expected recession will effect the market in the next 12-24 months and asks for an explanation on some of Robert’s numbers.  Penny from Bellevue has questions about investing with IRA funds, combining IRA funds, and the limitations associated with this. Robert answers an email question about a new living community in Covington. John in Renton’s mother has a rented out property that she wants to protect as an asset and also asks about inheriting a house out of state. Rachel in Tacoma is moving away for a couple years due to work and wonders if she should sell or rent her condo. Mark in Woodinville wants to know about renting a house with a 1031 exchange. Eric in Gig Harbor inherited $63,000 and in considering investing in real estate but also has outstanding loans to contend with. Dan from Port Orchard is questioning whether he should make a down payment on a rental property or take out a VA loan. Finally, Olivia from Everett has a couple fourplexes and is thinking about selling them and putting the money in a trust.