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October 2016

October 29, 2016

Matthew from Puyallup called and discussed a couple of development parcels he owns.  Much of this show was spent discussing our upcoming Investment Planning Workshops on November 1, 2, and 3.

October 22, 2016

Colton called the show wondering how to start building wealth with real estate.  Kathleen had questions about buying a tri- or fourplex in Seattle.  Lena had questions about where to start with buying rental property in the Tacoma area. Chuck called in to share his experience with investment properties and encourage others to purchase as well. Paul wanted to know his options for VA loans when purchasing investment properties.

October 8, 2016

Steve called with questions about asbestos in a commercial building.  Lee had a question about whether to invest in real estate or pay off his home.  Reed was curious about buying the home he’s renting in Everett.  Mohammad asked about buying storage facilities versus renting.  Carl has a client with a commercial building in Tacoma who is curious what to do with the top floor.  Sylvia has a property in Port Townsend that burned down and she’s trying to decide whether to sell or rebuild and sell.  Bean needs a shop on land.  Pat is trying to get into a new place in Lynnwood.  Bryce in Enumclaw wants to buy a new home.    

October 1, 2016

Josh from Seattle had questions about increasing his cash flow.  Alex and his wife are both military veterans and want to buy land to build a tiny home.  Ryan wants to tidy up his budget so he can start buying investment properties.  Dayton owns a handful of properties and might be ready to readjust his portfolio.  Lou had questions about a property she’s trying to sell in Anchorage.  Z called to ask about buying his first home.  John had a question about a property he received from his father in Texas.  Bryan has a mother on Bainbridge Island who is trying to determine her options with her home as she ages.  John had a question about refinancing his home, and Jon called after the show ended to ask about investing, how to handle a current rental, and when our next workshop will be.