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January 2017

January 28, 2017

Robert offered an anecdote of a client who inherited 8 properties, many of which were in disputes. Robert discussed how he was able to guide her through resolving the disputes and move forward with the properties. Jackie from Snohomish is not happy with her current property manager. Brian wondered about restrictions in regards to renting out rooms in his home. Galen from Arlington owns raw land and asked about restrictions that would affect his options for use. Tim in Mukilteo wants to establish a rental property for senior living.

January 21, 2017

Jeremy emailed in during the show, has $40,000 cash and wonders where to start. Diana sought direction on an ongoing property issue she’s been having. Bruce in Bellingham owns 4 rental properties free and clear but wonders if it makes sense to refinance. Colleen from Roy owns a home but living paycheck to paycheck, Robert recommended Financial Peace University.

January 14, 2017

Josh in Bothell asked how best to channel the proceeds from a real estate transaction his mother is involved in. Zack from Lacey bought a house he is regretting, sought advice. Tim in Mukilteo wants to set up a multi-family property for retired and had questions about discrimination laws. Arnie in Lynnwood needed more information about using multiple VA loans concurrently. Ricky in Mill Creek owns a home with a lot of equity and wonders if he should sell. Mike in Sammamish owns a rental property that is far away with good equity but poor cash flow.