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February 2017

February 25, 2017

Vickie in Longbranch has a question about boundary disputes with builders. Mario called about purchasing off-market properties strategies. Mike in Yelm looking to invest his inheritance. Alex in West Seattle recent home purchase has been rezoned and wants input on his options. Jerri in Tacoma recently refinanced, questioned appraisal versus resale value. Justin wonders how a new development next to him will affect his home value. Robert in Lynnwood wonders if it is best to pay off his mortgage or refinance and invest.  Liz in Maple Valley looking to get started in investing. Danielle is looking into strategies for making $30,000 per month. Maggie wonders how to get her finances in order to be able to buy. Charlie owns rentals but needs a better plan. Elise needs better property management solutions.

February 18, 2017


Sean from Bellevue wants to know about using rental properties for AirBnB. Tim in Mukilteo wanted information on making his multifamily property into a senior care center. Jerry in Seattle seeks advice on what to do with his condos skyrocketing HOA dues. Sarah is looking for advice as  a first time home buyer. Alex in Seattle discussed the changing landlord/tenant laws. Thomas in Lynnwood wants to adjust his portfolio. Derek from Seattle owns out of state properties. Michelle from Lakewood is looking for security when she retires soon. Jeff in Olympia is looking to become a real estate investor.

February 11, 2017

Special On-air guest Stephen Waltar – an estate planning attorney.

Russell had a question about what transfers  to heirs when you leave  them a property. Colby in Seattle wants to better understand the process for buying an apartment building. Chis from Auburn is a potential first time home buyer. Jean in Carnation bought a historical home. Daniel from Bellingham bought a 4-plex and is struggling. Tyler in Whidbey Island wants to rent out current home. Saaid in Tacoma owns commercial property. Shari looking  to invest with trust money. Julian from Lacey owns a rental in Savannah, GA where the tenant wants to buy the house. John in Everett wants to know the best cities for first time buyers.

February 4, 2017

Terry called in with a question about his 11 rental properties. Kelly called with a question about using an LLC or personal identity to buy income properties. Jeff in Rochester owns an acre of land and wants to buy land from his neighbor to make his own land more development friendly. Rob asked Robert for a basic plan with $250k to invest. James emailed the show to ask about the wisdom of using co-signers. Edward wants to get back into homeownership. Chai called in with a question about  a title dispute.